Dard and Nantisses waterfalls in Villaz

Located at the bottom of Parmelan (one of the mountains surrounding Annecy), the path leads to the waterfalls of Dard and Nantisses. In the middle of summer, we were almost alone on the site. The trail is well signposted and the hike is very short (an hour return trip). It’s a nice walk in the Villaz forest, perfect in early Summer when the vegetation is green and lush.

Hiking to the Dard and Nantisses waterfalls

The hike to the Dard and Nantisses waterfalls is also called Circuit des cascades de Villaz. From the “parking” the hike is signposted and starts on a gravel road.

The path going to the dard and Nantisses waterfalls
signpost to the Villaz forest - Dard and Nantisses waterfalls

Shortly after stepping over a small stream, a path is visible on the left. It leads to the Nantisses waterfall. I suggest to see the Dard Waterfall first. The “cascade du Dard” is signposted a little further up. The path then leads to a sort of quarry, and goes in the spruce forest.

The Dard waterfall in Villaz, early Summer

Dard waterfall 

The Dard waterfall is a beautiful waterfall nested in the heart of the forest. It is about twenty meters high. To get closer, climb a few rocks to access the bottom of the waterfall.

The Dard and Nantisses waterfalls in Summer
The Dard waterfall in Villaz

To reach the nantisses waterfall, you will have to backtrack: the path on the left of the waterfall goes to the Chatillon (3hours trek). I went a little further to see if the top if I could reach the top of the waterfall but the path goes too far out.

Nantisses waterfall

I found the Nantisses waterfall more beautiful than the Dard. It isn’t as high but the water flows best (even in Summer). Do not miss the second part when the water falls into a small gorge. To reach it, follow the path near the stream. This second small waterfall is surrounded by moss: a perfect swimming spot!

The nantisses waterfall in Villaz
Moss surrounding the Nantisses waterfall

My friend went swimming in winter. I, on the other hand, could only tip my toes! The water was freezing..

The path in the Villaz forest
Swimming in the dard and Nantisses waterfalls in winter

To go back to the “parking”, follow the path ahead. it will lead to the main trail.

Hike time: 1h
Altitude at the start: 760 m
Altitude at the top: 910 m
Elevation: 130 meters 
Difficulty: easy

Best time to visit the Dard and Nantisses waterfalls?

The best time to see waterfalls is usually in Spring when water flows best. However, I always find that most waterfalls near Annecy are beautiful all year around. At the exception of the middle of Summer when some of them dry a little too much. I’ve been to the Dard and Nantisses waterfalls many times and I’ve never seen it dry (yet?).

Access to Dard and Nantisses waterfalls

Located between the villages of Villaz and Poussy, the Dard and Nantisses waterfalls are also called “the circuit of the Villaz waterfalls”. Coming from Annecy, pass ahead the hotel “les Glières” on the right and a few meters further, you will see the path with a sign “le circuit des cascades”. You can park in front of the path. If it is full (you can park 4 cars) you can also park a little after the hotel, on the left.

Address: Chemin rural de Promenet au communal, Route Aviernoz, 74370 Villaz 
GPS: 45.959000, 6.211861