Geneva – Annecy transport: the complete travel Guide

Update: December 2023

Accessing Annecy from Geneva centre or airport is much easier than it used to be a few years ago. This article, updated regularly, lists the best ways of connecting the two cities.

Geneva Annecy by bus

Although Annecy is only 40km from Geneva, it has not always been easy to reach the Swiss city. Now, several bus companies provide transport between the two cities. Tickets can be purchased online (for FlixBus and BlaBlaBus) and also inside the airport at the arrivals level (for TPG only). Ask at the tourist office as it is not displayed. Once you have your ticket, cross the parking lot and you will see buses, shuttles, and taxis.

TPG (Geneva Public Transport)

TPG offers round trips between Annecy and Geneva city center as well as the airport for €14 per journey. Checking the timetable is a feat as their website is complicated. You need to take line 272. The last bus from Geneva airport to Annecy departs at 9 pm (except on weekends, at 7:10 pm). Be aware, their website is really not easy to navigate. Tickets can be purchased on the bus or at the tourist office inside Geneva airport, at the arrivals level.

Journey duration: about 1h30


The bus company Flixbus offers Geneva – Annecy connections. The journey starts from €4.99. 2 to 3 trips are offered.

Journey duration: 45-50 minutes


Like FlixBus, BlaBlaBus offers several trips per day.

Journey duration: 45-50 minutes


With six daily departures, running from June to August, AlpyBus aims to connect both holidaymakers and commuters (Frontaliers). One way cost €19.50.

Geneva Annecy by road

There are 2 ways to reach Annecy by road: national road or motorway. The motorway is obviously a lot faster but quite pricey (€7.30). But you don’t have to take it all the way. If you exit at Allonzier la Caille and continue on the national road, you will pay only 4.70 € without lengthening the road by much. Note that the panel signalisation colours change between France and Switzerland.

In France, motorways are indicated in blue and national roads in green. In Switzerland, it’s the opposite. Allow about 1 hour depending on traffic if you take the national road, going through Cruseilles. On the motorway, it takes about 30-40 minutes to reach Annecy from Geneva. Allow more time during rush hour when cross-border commuters (frontaliers) travel between France and Switzerland. Remember that the Swiss motorway vignette is required to use the roads, even if you only go to the airport.

Car rental

It is possible to rent a car on both, the Swiss and French sides. Indeed, the Geneva airport has a French sector with internal flights. The advantage of renting a car on the French side is the price. But note that if you plan to drive on Swiss roads, you must take the Swiss motorway vignette. Even if it is only to reach Annecy. Most cars have the vignette now, but make sure to double-check.


Taxis are expensive! Since there is no Uber, it costs from €90 one way.


From €5 to go to Geneva centre or airport.

Annecy Geneva by train

Since December 2019, the first rail link was inaugurated: the Léman Express. An ambitious promise that isn’t shared by Annecy-Geneva commuters! The journey between Annecy train station and Genève Cornavin takes 1h29, twice as much as by car. Even though the region has invested 400 million euros in the railway network, it was mainly to connect Annemasse with Geneva rather than Annecy….