The Confins lake in the Aravis range

The Confins lake is small glacial lake at the foot of the Aravis range. Accessible from the road, it is a short walk surrounded by an exceptional setting.

Start of the Confins Lake

The Confins lake is located in the Aravis range: a mountain chain between Haute-Savoie and Savoie regions. It is located near the La Clusaz ski resort. From the parking lot, a path leads to the combes, offering lovely walks or hikes. The summits are all accessible to hikers: Roualle, Tête de Pelouse, Roche Perfia etc …

This loop isn’t a hike per se, but a walk around the lake. The Confins lake really contrasts with the steepness of the slopes overhanging it. It is surrounded by a green landscape, dotted with old chalets, typical of the Aravis region.

This pretty 3 hectare lake is only 3m deep. The area of ​​the lake was increased by its owner to cover swamps. Its surroundings are now accessible to all: some chalets offer a terrace, it is also possible to fish and go mountain biking

What I like about this place is its peacefulness. This is a short walk, perfectly combined with another one near the Grand Bornand. In fact, the ski resort has some opened ski lifts to discover the area in Summer.

“Défi Foly”Event

The Défi Foly is a competition organised on the lake to celebrate the end of winter. It consists of going down a snowy slope, on skis, snowboards or other and sliding as far as possible on the lake. The is a pretext for the design of various disguises.

Altitude: 1357 m
Elevation: négligeable
Massif: Bornes/Aravis
Length: 45min for the loop round the lake

Address: Les Confins, 74220 LA CLUSAZ

On the way back to Annecy (12 km, 7.5 mi) stop by the side of the road to see the Menthon-Saint-Bernard Château. The medieval castle stands on a 200 metres tall rock overhanging lake Annecy. Since 1989, it has been listed as a monument historique.