Paris: the Auteuil greenhouses

The Auteuil greenhouses is a botanical garden located in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. It is a unique opportunity to discover a remarkable plant diversity. I love the humid tropical climate and I went there on a beautiful fall day. Perfect for warming up and walking among the plants. The Auteuil greenhouses are a real change of scenery and we almost forget that we are in Paris.

The greenhouses of 1898

Inaugurated in 1898, the cast iron greenhouses have been classified as a Historic Monument since its centenary in 1998. They are dedicated to the presentation and conservation of botanical collections.

The palmarium

The palmarium is home to 200 species of plants from several regions of the world with a subtropical climate. This artificially recreated climate is similar to the ones in southern China, Florida, tor New Caledonia. Given the height of some palm trees, gardeners will have to replace the species that reach the top of the building.

Other greenhouses

The modern greenhouses

The new neighbour of the Auteuil greenhouses is the new Roland-Garros tennis court. It was inaugurated in March 2019 and has already amputated part of the botanical garden. A construction on the old greenhouses which was controversial. Fortunately, a substantial sum was paid to renovate the garden. In addition, the modern greenhouses surround the tennis court which makes them invisible from the outside. They offer a walk through reconstructions of ecosystems from the four continents.

The Auteuil greenhouses in Paris is a real heritage of the end of the 19th century. I visited it twice and on both occasions, the greenhouses were practically empty (I probably met less than ten people). An ideal place to walk around in winter times. I just hope that the garden will not be amputated any further by Roland-Garros!

Also consider visiting the gardens of Albert Kahn’s museum. Located just 20 minutes on foot, it is a perfect combination with the jardin des serres d’Auteuil. A day that will make you forget that that you are in Paris. For more information, see the article dedicated to the gardens of Albert Kahn’s museum.


3, avenue de la Porte-d’Auteuil
75016 Paris