Siargao excursion: island hopping

Near the coast of Siargao, there are 4 spectacular islands close by, perfect for a day trip: Guyam, Naked, Corregidor and Daku islands. For less than $20 you can rent a boat with guide, pick-up & drop-off as well as seafood banquet. To book, simply go near the port the day before or on the same day. For $5 more, I chose to include the island of Corregidor, a little further away but a great add-on.

Daku Island

Larger than the previous ones, the island of Daku is perfect for stopping for lunch. Very beautiful white sand beach, turquoise waters, some huts with vegetation inside the island and a fishing village. My guide, a Daku surfer, drove me to Daku Reef to practice. We were alone! This spot is for beginners – intermediate surfers.

Guyam Island

Guyam Island is a small oasis covered with palm trees.

Naked Island

It’s a white sandbank in the middle of turquoise water. Make sure you apply plenty of suncream! There is no shade and the sun is really strong.

Corregidor Island

My favourite island and very different from the other 3. It has a small village, beautiful beaches and is almost deserted. A short hike with my guide allowed me to visit it. The grass is tall and the trail not very defined. The elevation of the island offers a nice point of view. It feels like a meadow dotted with palm trees.